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Pregnancy Care in Tenafly, NJ

We know choosing a provider for this special time in your life is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. That is why we have created this section to give you a clear understanding of what you can expect when you allow our family to facilitate the growth of yours. As your personal obstetric team we are invested in providing individualized service applied to both simple and complex pregnancies.

Pregnancy Care Services

Gynecology in Tenafly, NJ

At Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates we provide care for all women at every stage of their lives. From routine wellness exams to complex surgical procedures we are equipped and experienced in all areas of gynecological services. Much of our gynecologic surgery is done laparoscopically, which includes total laparoscopic hysterectomies, removal of endometriosis, ovarian cyst removal and ectopic pregnancies.

Gynecology Services

Prevention Program

Papsure to improve the accuracy of the pap test, Contraception, HPV testing and vaccine, STD, Breast Cancer, and osteoporosis screening.

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Obstetrics in Tenafly, NJ

Routine and High Risk pregnancy, genetic screening, In-office ultrasound, childbirth classes, delivery at Englewood Hospital.

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Adolescent and Teen Gynecology

Compassionate, comfortable and sensitive care before, during and after your first exam. From menstrual problems, contraception and STD counseling, and early and delayed puberty we have experience on a wide range of issues.

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YOU come first!

A practice offering individualized obstetric and gynecological services tailored to a woman’s ever changing female healthcare needs.

Our goal is to provide reproductive and gynecological services that supports women throughout their lives form adolescence to menopause. We ensure that our patients have a compassionate experience, leaving them knowledgeable, empowered and supported in their ability to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare. Our staff is ready to provide the highest level of comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for evaluations, procedures, and preventative medicine.

At Obstetrics and Gynecology of Tenafly we treat clients in all stages of life with the most advanced medical care available. All services are rendered with empathy, respect, understanding and skill. We know what an important choice selecting a health provider is… for that reason alone, we ensure that we render the highest level of clinical expertise in relation to gynecological and reproductive health services. Our mission is to assist all women to make well informed decisions regarding their reproductive health in an environment that fosters open communication, education and support.

Our team of medical providers and staff are trained professionals, dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of medicinal service provision in all aspects of feminine healthcare. During your visit, all questions and concerns will be addressed in a manner that ensures your comfort and privacy. We invite you to contact our office for more information.

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